Azulejos - Masterpieces of the National Tile Museum of Lisbon

ISBN : 978-2-915540-64-2
132 pages
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Coups de cœur libraires

For five centuries, azulejos have reflected life in Portugal. While sunlight, rain and time have been sliding off them, they have established, over the course of Portuguese history, the spirit and taste of this nation to the point of becoming one of the most recognisable symbols of the country. From North to South, an otherworldly bluish light has slipped into the eyes of the Portuguese, into the depths of their souls. Maybe the true colour of saudade…

In the eastern area of Lisbon, the National Azulejo Museum offers exceptional insight into the history of Portuguese azulejos. It is a must see for anyone visiting Lisbon. It is the only museum of its kind worldwide. The museum offers more than a historical overview of azulejos, the latest exhibits present gorgeous Art Nouveau azulejos and compositions from a range of artists of the 20th century and today.